EPL: Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker sympathize with Chelsea striker, Lukaku


Newcastle legend, Alan Shearer and former Barcelona star, Gary Lineker have sympathized with Romelu Lukaku after his display during Chelsea’s Premier League 1-0 victory against Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Lukaku was isolated throughout Chelsea’s win against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park as Hakim Ziyech scored the only goal of the encounter.

The former Man United and Inter Milan star only had seven touches in 90 minutes against Crystal Palace, with one of them being kick-off.

Speaking on Match of the Day, Shearer and Lineker both sympathized with Lukaku and suggested Chelsea were not playing to the Belgian’s strengths.

“It is clear that they [Chelsea] are not working on things on the training ground as they are not doing it during the game for him [Romelu Lukaku] or for the team,” Shearer said.

On his part, Lineker said: “When I played, if I wasn’t getting much of the ball, if I wasn’t getting service, I would be hammering people.”

Meanwhile, speaking after the game, Chelsea coach, Thomas Tuchel, dismissed the suggestion his tactical system was to blame for Lukaku’s struggles.

“No, no, it’s not about the system,” Tuchel said.

“Well, it is what it is. But for him, there is no change of system because it’s the same attacking structure.”

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