My wife violent, chases me with cutlass – Man tells court


One Mr. Steve Bashorun, on Thursday, dragged his wife, Oluwaseyi, before an Alagbado Customary Court in Lagos State, for alleged threat to life.

The 61-year-old man, who told the court that he had been married to 40-year-old Oluwaseyi for 17 years, accused her of not taking care of for their three children.

He stated that Oluwaseyi lacked respect for his family members, especially his mother, before she died.

“My wife is violent and uses dangerous weapons such as cutlass, knife and pounding pestle to threaten me.

“Sometimes, after going through my phone call history and messages, she gets angry and threatens to kill me.

“Sometimes, I run away from home for months to my other woman’s place. I returned home in Dec. 2021, after staying away for nine months.”

He also claimed that his wife refused to cook for his brother and sometimes does not cook for their children.

Responding, Oluwaseyi denied exhibiting any violent behaviour, but admitted that she refused to cook for her brother-in-law 17 years ago because she had just given birth to their first child at the time.

“We do not buy food outside, I make sure I cook for my children to eat and take to school.

“Also, I prepare dinner after closing from my shop around 9:00 p.m.,” she told the court.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that both the petitioner and the respondent said that they still loved each other.

Ruling, the President of the court, Mr Alli Emmanuel, advised them to improve their conduct and maintain peace.

“Work on yourselves and maintain peace in the interest of the children, so as to live as responsible citizens.

Emmanuel adjourned the case until March 1 possible resolution of the conflict.

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