Russia’s invasion: It’s matter of life, death – EU defence ministers to send arms to Ukraine


European Union (EU) foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, has said the union’s defence ministers would meet virtually to coordinate their assistance for Ukraine amid global rage over Russia’s invasion.

Borrell, via his Twitter account on Monday, said this came after the bloc decided for the first time to jointly fund weapons and send them to Kyiv.

He tweeted: “I am convening today the EU defence ministers, to discuss the latest situation on the ground in #Ukraine in view of Russia’s unprovoked assault.

“We will discuss further urgent needs and coordinate our assistance, with help of the clearinghouse managed by the EU military staff.”

On Sunday, the EU announced it would tighten sanctions on Russia, ban the Russian state-owned television network Russia Today and news agency Sputnik.

Borrell had earlier tweeted: “It is a matter of life and death.

“So the EU will provide weapons for Ukraine’s armed forces.

“It is the moment to stand up and to speak out. Might not make right. Never did. Never will.”

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine after weeks of rising political tensions in the region.

The conflict escalated on Friday, with the fighting reaching the capital city of Kyiv.

On Sunday, Putin put his nuclear deterrent forces on ‘alert’.

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