War: Iran reveals only way to stop Russia-Ukraine war, warns world leaders about US


Iranian leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has declared that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and other conflicts around the world can be stopped only if the “root cause” is known, which he identified as “the policies of the Western powers.”

He said this on Tuesday while making the position of his country on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine known.

Although the Supreme Leader said Iran is in favour of stopping the war, he believes that the United States of America should be blamed for it.

Khamenei said that crisis is rooted in U.S policies and other Western nations, according to Al Jazeera.

“In Ukraine, we are in favour of stopping the war,” he said during a televised speech on Tuesday.

Speaking further, the Iranian leader added that a crisis can be alleviated only if the “root cause” is known, which he identified as “the policies of the Western powers.”

According to him, the “mafia regime” of the U.S has created many crises around the globe, adding that these crises come in the form of the creation of ISIL (ISIS), and meddling in other nations’ affairs by forcing regime changes and installing pro-West politicians.

He said Ukraine has now fallen “victim” to such policies and has been dragged to its current situation, the supreme leader said.

In his hourlong speech on the Ukraine war, the supreme leader did not, however mention Russia even for once.

Khamenei said two lessons should be learned from the Ukraine crisis by the governments and people around the world: that the West cannot be trusted and that popular support is of utmost importance.

“Support by Western governments for administrations and politicians that have been installed by them is a mirage,” he said, citing the chaotic withdrawal of US-led Western forces from Afghanistan as it fell to the Taliban as an example.

The war which began last Thursday has entered its 6th day today with hundreds of people including children and women feared killed while thousands of others are left injured.

Thousands of Ukrainian citizens and nationals of other countries around the world have also been displaced.

The two countries met yesterday for a peace talk at the Belarusian borders but no concrete agreement was reached as they could not come to terms to end the war.

Russia yesterday also warned members of the European Union planning to send lethal weapons to help Ukraine in the war to tread cautiously, adding that they will surely bear the consequences of such actions.

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