War: Your actions won’t go unanswered, you’ll bear consequences – Russia to EU nations


Russia has warned that any country, especially in the European Union, that provides lethal weapons to Ukraine during the ongoing war, would face the consequences of such action.

The country warned that it would continue to ensure realization of its national interests despite sanctions from the West.

This declaration was made on Monday by the country’s foreign ministry, according to CNN.

Russian Foreign Ministry, in a statement, lashed out against the EU’s plans to provide arms to Ukraine.

“EU citizens and structures involved in supplying lethal weapons and fuel and lubricants to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be responsible for any consequences of such actions in the context of the ongoing special military operation.

“They cannot fail to understand the degree of danger of the consequences,” the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement read.

Russia further described the sanctions from the Western countries as another myth that had been propagated by the European Union.

According to the ministry, the EU intends to inflict maximum damage on Russia, “hit its weak points, seriously destroy its economy and suppress its economic growth.”

He said all these and any other plan to be propagated against Russia, “we want to assure you it will not work”, adding that “the actions of the European Union will not go unanswered.

“It is time for Western countries to understand that their undivided dominance in the global economy is long a thing of the past.”

The Ukraine and Russia war entered its sixth day on Tuesday, with hundreds of people reported killed, while thousands of others have been displaced.

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