2023: SPN attacks APC, PDP over outrageous nomination form fees


The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) has attacked the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over the cost of their nomination forms.

The party made this disclosure on Friday.

Our correspondent recalls that the cost of nomination for presidential aspirants of APC has been fixed at N100 million while the cost of the nomination form for presidential aspirants under PDP is N40 million.

The party said that it was not surprised at the decision of APC and PDP to charge N100 million and N40 million respectively for presidential nomination forms.

In a statement signed by its acting National Chairperson, Comrade Abiodun Bamigboye; and National Secretary, Comrade Chinedu Bosah; the SPN said that what the parties did has only confirmed its position that they only exist to defend the interest of the privileged minority.

It explained that what the ruling parties are doing is encouraging corruption.

“In 2018, APC sold nomination forms for N45 million which attracted widespread criticism but has now doubled-down by charging N100 million in 2022 for the presidential contest.

“APC is also charging N50 million for Governorship aspiration, N20 million for Senate, N10 million for House of Representatives, N2 million for House of Assembly. Aside from these outrageous fees, these self-serving bourgeois candidates spend huge sums of money to bribe voters, Police officers, officials of the Independent Electoral Commissioner (INEC) and thugs.

“This moneybag politics is partly responsible for the increasing corruption. As far as we are concerned, the N100 million APC presidential nomination forms and pardon granted to two ex-governors serving jail terms for corruption make it crystal clear that President Buhari has not only failed to genuinely fight corruption, but indeed he is consolidating it with moneybag politics.

“This lopsided democracy wherein workers and the poor can vote but cannot be voted for is one of the cornerstones of the capitalist dictatorship. The quest by the self-serving capitalist ruling elite to dominate the political space is the major reason for the deregistration of SPN and other 72 political parties recently.

“It is crystal clear the 2023 general election will produce another crop of desperadoes whose agenda is to continue the domination and looting of the economy. The economy in the hands of these self-serving capitalist ruling elite will continue along the ruinous path, there will be more job losses, more industries will collapse and poverty will continue to rise.

“The sharp contradiction embedded in a capitalist society will continue as we have witnessed in the massive disparity in the poverty wage being earned by the working class and the jumbo salaries and allowance earned by the bourgeois political office holders; the apartheid in the education, healthcare, housing sectors of the economy will continue; inequality will become sharper,” the statement read.

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