2023: Yul Edochie unfit to be president – Nigerians react


The news of Yul Edochie taking a second wife has sparked debate on his ability to be Nigeria’s president.

The Nollywood actor on Wednesday shocked fans after he announced the existence of his son by his second wife, Judy Austin Muoghalu.

He wrote: “It’s time for the world to meet my son. His name is STAR DIKE MUNACHIMSO YUL-EDOCHIE.

“Born by my second wife @judyaustin1 And I love him so much, just as much as I love my other children.”

The senior wife of Edochie, who has five children for him, took to the comment section writing: “May God judge you both.”

This has since stirred reactions online as Edochie had once hailed his first wife for standing by him for 16 years while he was struggling.

However, this news didn’t sit well with many Nigerians who dimmed him unfit to be president and take control of affairs of the country.

Edochie had on his 40th birthday in January said his wish was to become the next president of Nigeria.

Here are the comments gathered from Twitter;

@Uramah “Yul Edochie has failed us all (Nigerians). How can we vote for someone that is not faithful in marriage? A man that can’t stick to one woman is not fit to become Nigeria’s president. He should go and rest and also fit in his home.”

@KingArthurOG “ Yul Edochie promised us he was running for president, election season has arrived and all he’s declared is a new wife and new baby…

Congrats to all involved.”

@AsaOdogwu “Yul Edochie should not think of coming out to contest for president, because Maka chi he will fail.My respect for him has dropped to zero level.”

@NaijaRadfem “Someone like Yul Edochie that has clearly shown that he is a cheat with no integrity will ruin and steal from Nigeria if he becomes President.Vote for him at your own peril.”

@O_ssai “Yul Edochie was doing well for his quest to become Nigeria’s president until today.A rising star has been dimmed. This is a loss for Nigeria.”

@ItsTosin “I can’t believe that Yul Edochie can do this to his first wife. So he actually has a second wife hidden for a very long time. And he’s aspiring to become Nigeria President in near future. This world is crazy. See his newborn baby and his first wife comment.”

@QueenEhi “And Yul Edochie said he wants to be Nigerian president, vote for him next thing you know he go carry Ghana join Nigeria, a very insatiable, unfaithful and disrespectful man. A man without integrity, his long throat is too much.”

@ObidilIfeanyi “How to solve the rate of unemployment and the rate of unmarried women,That’s when Yul Edochie comes in as the president.”

@MrMfonO “ This is the height of irresponsibility. Yul Edochie betrayed May that stood by him through thick and thin.This betrayal stands condemned .As we roast Yul, let’s not forget the lady that gave herself to a married man. And he’s contesting to be president,Shame!

@Analysts_ “Yul Edochie can now forget about being President of Nigeria.He should focus on his first and second wife, they need him more than Nigeria.”

@MrJay “Yul Edochie with a “controversial” second wife. When he becomes president, he may now add a third, fourth or even fifth. Sai Baba Yul.”

@PeterBenjamin “Yul Edochie don flog ‘Not too Young to Run’ Oraimo cord for neck.See our incoming president na. He just gave us his manifesto in manifestation.”

@Eddy_chuks “If I’m not wrong Yul Edochie is running for president come 2023 I’m not going to judge him but this saga isn’t good for his ambition both in 2023 and in the future.”

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