Don condemns ASUU strikes, says lecturers killing University system


A senior lecturer at the Usman Danfodioyo university, Dr. Muhammad Sanusi Yahaya has lamented that ASUU strike actions have continued to weaken the public university system, saying the union is the actual problem.

Dr. Yahaya said he had written a message to striking ASUU lecturers, reminding them of how much damage the incessant strikes are causing to public universities.

“The monopoly of public universities for the production of manpower for the economic growth has long been diluted when private universities were given licenses to operate” he lamented.

“Strike actions only weaken the public universities further. When you know the above and you realise that the government of the day is not going to be helpful to the university system and you continue to keep them closed under the guise of strikes then you are the actual problem. You are helping them kill the system for good”, he said.

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