EPL: Ronaldo’s mother reveals best gift anyone can give Manchester United forward


Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro, has revealed that a ‘ball’ is the best gift anyone could give the Manchester United forward.

Aveiro said this while reflecting on Ronaldo’s childhood days, saying that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner was destined for greatness early on.

During a conversation with Portuguese TV host Nuno Markl, She recalled an occasion when a young Ronaldo rejected a bicycle she gave him as a gift.

According to her, Ronaldo was happier with a ball than a bicycle.

Aveiro narrated in a video posted on Nuno Markl’s Instagram page: “There was a time when I offered him a bicycle. ‘Oh mother, I’m no baby!’, he said. ‘I didn’t want the bicycle.’ “He was happier with a ball than a bicycle. A ball was the best gift anyone could give him. He would take the ball and leave the house, so he wouldn’t be tied to the television. Ronaldo would walk in the morning and only come at night for dinner. I knew where he was.”

She added: “He was born with that gift. A mother has to let her child choose what he wants. Mothers are the ones who have to set an example for their children. When I saw Ronaldo playing as a little boy, I realised he had a gift for that.”

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