Insecurity: Result of neglecting poor people – Senator Yar’adua


Senator Abubakar Sadiq Yar’adua, one of the All Progressives Congress governorship aspirants in Katsina State says the lingering insecurity challenges experienced in the state and the nation at large, is as a result of neglecting the plights of the poor for so many years.

Yar’adua made the remark at a press conference organized to unveil his plans and visions for Katsina State, shortly after visiting the APC state office with his supporters to notify the party’s executives of his interest to run for the governorship position come 2023.

The governorship hopeful said already, he has a blueprint of his work plan with which he intends to govern the state if elected and sworn in as the State Governor in 2023.

In his words: “There is the need to quickly save the state and salvage it from the current security challenges and economic quagmire – both of which are results of decades utter neglect of the teeming talakawa (the poor) that constitute more than 99% of our state’s population, by those who should serve them.

“We cannot idly stand by and watch criminals, bandits, insurgents, bigots and zealous terrorise innocent citizens, indiscriminately killing and mailing them as well as raping our women and girls and separating young babies from their babies. This is shear criminality and is unacceptable to me as your governor.”

According to him, the kind of leader the state needs at this trying times is someone who can revamp the fortunes of the state, a leader who is credible with impeccable character, incorruptible, courageous, boldly honest and empathetic; someone with good and sound education; a person with an abiding and uncompromising faith in Allah in both his deeds and pronouncements.”

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