People criticising Yul Edochie are hypocrites – Tchidi Chikere


Tchidi Chikere, a Nollywood producer and actor, has slammed those criticising Yul Edochie for taking a second wife.

Chikere, hailing Edochie, said most of those criticising the actor are worse in private, adding that Nigeria is full of hypocrites.

According to him, social media is not a court and Edochie can only be judged by the court of law and God.

His post on Instagram read, “Yul.Yuletide.ODOGWU Edochie.

“Most of the men and women criticising you are worse in private. This society is full of hypocrites.

“Anyway, social media is not a court the real court lies with the law and God almighty.”

Edochie’s announcement of his second wife and son on Wednesday raised eyebrows and stirred conversations online.

Especially after the actor’s first wife made a comment saying ‘May God judge you both.”

While some parties opined that taking a second wife is better than having a baby mama, some chastised him for having an affair as a Christian.

The development has led to Nigerians declaring Edochie unfit to be Nigeria’s president in 2023.

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