Russia has realistic possibility of winning war against Ukraine – Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that Russia has a “realistic possibility” of winning the war in Ukraine.

He said the situation in Ukraine is “unpredictable” at the moment while speaking in New Delhi, India at the weekend.

The British leader pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin has a “huge army.”

The Prime Minister, however, said that Putin has found himself in a very difficult political position, over the invasion of Ukraine, which he described as a catastrophic blunder.

He said that at this point, Putin is only left with the option of trying to continue to use what he described as his appalling, grinding approach led by artillery, to grind the Ukrainians down.

“He’s very close to securing a land bridge in Mariupol now. The situation is, I’m afraid, unpredictable at this stage,” the Prime Minister said, adding “We just have to be realistic about that.”

The British leader said his country is now focusing on sending “backfill” equipment to Russia’s neighbours such as Poland, which may send “heavier weaponry” to support Ukraine’s resistance.

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