Russia vs Ukraine war: It would get worse – Buhari warns


President Muhammadu Buhari has called for greater consideration for humanitarian conditions in the affected areas in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Buhari, during an Iftar dinner with members of the Diplomatic Corps, warned that the conflict will get worse, if an immediate resolution is not found.

‘‘The war has lasted too long, cost so much and hurt too many people, well beyond the immediate theatres,” Buhari said.

Buhari noted that the war is causing global damage, pointing out that the rest of the world is facing the impact of the conflict “and this will certainly get worse, if an immediate resolution is not found, not least in the area of food security,” he said.

Buhari welcomed the recent initiative of UN Secretary-General, Antonio Gutteres, of visiting Moscow and Kyiv, commending his efforts in search of a ceasefire, as a prelude to other enduring solutions.

‘‘The United Nations must continue to actively lead the way for engagements that could ultimately unlock peace through diplomacy,’’ he said.

Buhari called on Muslim faithful to use the solemn and rewarding month of Ramadan to prayers for de-escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and for the return of peace to the world.

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