UCL: He’s doing an incredible job – Klopp names world-class coach


Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp, has named Villarreal manager, Unai Emery, as a world-class coach.

Klopp said Emery, a former Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain manager, is doing an incredible job at Villarreal.

The German spoke during his pre-match press conference on Monday ahead of Liverpool’s Champions League semi-final tie with Villarreal on Wednesday.

He said: “Ofcourse, we did the proper analysis. I had a lot of respect for Unai Emery and Villarreal before because I saw the games [Villarreal vs Juventus, Bayern Munich] wow! Impressive. Unai is obviously – or at least it looks like it when you watch his team – a detail-obsessed manager who prepares for all different situations in a game and that is what his teams execute.

“It is really, really good. And obviously, Unai is a world-class coach and is doing an incredible job there.”

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