UCL: No club has won quadruple before, it’s difficult – Phil Thompson tells Liverpool


Liverpool legend Phil Thompson has told the club they cannot win the quadruple this season because no one has done that before.

Thompson wants the Reds to understand that it is a difficult mission, especially with clubs in the Premier League.

Thommo was part of the Reds’ coaching team when the club won a treble under Gerard Houllier.

“It’s difficult. You do have to look at each game,” Thompson told talkSPORT.

“I went through a similar thing in 2001 with Gerard Houllier winning the three cups – UEFA Cup, FA Cup and the then Worthington Cup.

“You have to try, as staff, to keep the players just looking at the next match and trying to block things out.

“Everyone is talking, ‘which one would you accept, lose a cup and which one would you go for?’

“Lo and behold, if you take it one at a time that will happen. You’ve got to discuss it and say ‘look, there’s this possibility.

“I think it will be extremely hard to win the four, it’s never been done before because of the simple reason it is so difficult.

“If there’s one club who could do it, because of the power of Anfield, it can be Liverpool Football Club.

“With the power of the fans, with the power of the players, a squad they have at the moment, the way Klopp has the bond with the club. Liverpool is the team that could do this.”

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