War: Russia, Ukraine achieved serious breakthrough during talks – Putin


Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on Tuesday, said that his country and Ukraine managed to achieve a “serious breakthrough” during talks in Istanbul, Turkey, but the situation changed “dramatically” after the allegations against Russia for crimes in the Ukrainian town of Bucha.

Putin said this while speaking alongside United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres in Moscow.

Recall that Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, had on Saturday said that possible future talks in Turkey depends on Putin as he reiterated his willingness to participate in talks.

After almost two months since the start of the war in Ukraine, Putin received Guterres in Moscow on Tuesday.

“In Istanbul, we managed to achieve a serious breakthrough because our Ukrainian colleagues didn’t associate the requirements of security, international security of Ukraine, with such a concept as internationally accepted borders of Ukraine.

“But, unfortunately, after reaching agreements and after our clearly demonstrated intentions to create favorable conditions for the continuation of negotiations, we encountered a provocation in the village of Bucha, to which the Russian army has nothing to do,” Putin said.

The war between Russia and Ukraine began almost two months ago and many casualties have already been recorded.

Putin had ordered the invasion of Ukraine because of political differences between both countries.

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