Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Comment: Ask Ademola his source of wealth – Ogunbiyi to Osun


The Accord Party gubernatorial candidate in the Osun State elections, Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi has charged the people of the state to challenge Senator Ademola Adeleke to reveal the source of his wealth.

Senator Adeleke is the governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Osun State.

Dr. Akin, who recently defected from PDP to pick the Accord Party’s ticket made this assertion during a press briefing at the party secretariat in Osogbo, on Thursday.

“Even the PDP dancing senator, nothing will work. He said he has all the money to be voted (into power). ‘fire for fire’. Is Osun for sale? Ask Ademola Adeleke, the candidate of (the) PDP, what is his source of income. Where did he make all the money he wants to use to fight.

“Leadership is character. Leadership is integrity and I have integrity.

In addition, Dr. Akin described the duo of All Progressives Congress, APC and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP as embodiments of failure.

“We have had the PDP in the last 16 years and they have ruined everything ruinable, they bastardize everything bastardize-able. Now the APC came, they talked of change, have you seen the change now? In 8 years, APC has done worse. APC has done worse woes. Everything is now upside down. Let us say no to the APC with our votes. Let us say no to the PDP with our votes.

“I say Osun is indebted. They owe civil servants and pensioners. How to describe someone who is at level 17, over seven years ago and still earns level 10’s salary? It is the responsibility of a government to inherit both the assets and liabilities of the past administration.

“Osun state has 26 commercially viable natural resources But the (state) government is looking away because of side-kicks, because of side attractions, because of side money they are making. As a result, the state does not get what is due from the miners. I will restructure the mining sector.”

He subsequent appealed to the people to vote the party in the coming election.

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