EPL: I couldn’t respect Conte – Klopp apologises to Tottenham

Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp has apologised to Tottenham, saying he disrespected Antonio Conte after their 1-1 draw last week.

Klopp had criticized Spurs style of play following a 1-1 draw on Saturday, majorly because the result represented a blow to the Reds’ title hopes.

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City opened a three-point gap at the top of the table on Sunday following Liverpool’s draw.

Despite all of their possession, it was Spurs who arguably had the better chances with Son Heung-min putting the visitors in front, before Luis Diaz equalized with 20 minutes left.

After the game, Klopp came hard at Conte and his men, saying “…they are still fifth and for everything they were time-wasting – it makes not easier, it’s smart but not easy.”

Addressing the press on Monday ahead of Liverpool’s clash with Aston Villa, Klopp said, “…But I said after the game [against Spurs] that they play like they play and are still only fifth. And it felt good in that moment but it was anyway wrong.

“But it was just my feeling at that moment, and I couldn’t respect Antonio [Conte] more and what he’s doing and my god how he organises teams and all these kinds of things.

“So of course you have these kinds of things.”

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