EPL: Mikel Arteta reacts to Granit Xhaka’s outburst against Arsenal teammates


Arsenal boss, Mikel Arteta has reacted to midfielder, Granit Xhaka’s outburst against his teammates after their disappointing 2-0 defeat to Newcastle United.

The former midfielder and Manchester City’s assistant coach said players must be allowed to speak their minds when in front of the media.

Xhaka had hit out at his teammates in a controversial interview after the defeat which almost shattered their hopes of finishing top four.

“What happened was a disaster performance. You don’t deserve to play Champions League or even to play Europa League,,” said Xhaka.

“If someone is not ready for this game, stay at home. It doesn’t matter their age…”

When quizzed on Xhaka’s comments, Arteta told reporters: “What we do in the dressing room we don’t comment on it. When you allow someone in front of a microphone it’s to express what their feelings are.

“You have to ask the question to him exactly what he meant or who he was pointing at. The comments are clear.

“I prefer not to comment too much on that, but when you allow people to speak in front of the media you have to allow them to say what they feel. Knowing Granit, that’s what he felt.”

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