EPL: Pep Guardiola slams Liverpool, Manchester United after signing Halaand


Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, has again aimed another barb at Liverpool, questioning why their spending and sponsorship deals are judged differently.

Guardiola made headlines on Sunday when he hit out at the favouritism he feels Liverpool enjoy in England.

The Spaniard had also thrown in a dig at Liverpool’s less-than-spectacular record in the Premier League across the last three decades.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, the former Barcelona coach switched his ire to the spending of his rivals, Manchester United and Liverpool, just hours after the Etihad landlords sealed a deal for Erling Haaland.

Asked why he feels there is a degree of snobbery attached to the perception of City’s spending, Guardiola told Sky Sports: “Listen, Liverpool in the 1970s or 80s, or United with Sir Alex Ferguson – who spent more money?

“Who spent more money? It was Norwich? Norwich spent more money in that period?

“Or what other teams… Leicester? Leicester spent more money than them? No. They spent more money than the other ones. But the money from them is completely different than now.”

Asked why that is, he replied: “I’ve said I’m not going to change that [perception].

“When we put it here [on the front of our shirts] Etihad, people say, ‘Oh it’s overpaid’. But now United and Liverpool are going to get paid maybe more than us, maybe deserved because they are working well, because the CEO negotiated well, whatever happened.

“They get more and because it’s from the United States of America or another country – or the owners are – so now it’s perfect.

“So that’s why it’s not going to change, for a long time it’s not going to change, that is the reality. The only way we can change is doing well on the pitch.”

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