EPL: Why Everton defeated Chelsea 1-0 – Lampard


Everton manager, Frank Lampard, has explained why his team defeated Chelsea 1-0 in Sunday’s Premier League tie at Goodison Park.

Lampard said Everton defeated Chelsea because his players’ discipline and ethic against Thomas Tuchel’s side were great.

The former England international also said that his players didn’t switch off much against Chelsea, adding that his goalkeeper was brilliant against the visitors.

Richarlison’s only goal of the match gave Lampard’s men all three points against the Blues.

Speaking during his post-match press conference, Lampard said: “It’s about making sure the players were disciplined today because when you play top-level players, they will punish you. We didn’t switch off much today and when we did, we had a brilliant goalkeeper to help us.”

He added, “My only worry before the game is that [the fans’ reaction could mean] we would run for the sake of it. You can’t do that against Chelsea, as they will just play through you. The discipline and work ethic was great. It stemmed from great support and the players delivered.”

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