War: Boris Johnson reveals mistake West made amid Russia, Ukraine conflict


British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has revealed the West made a mistake in not helping Ukraine in 2014 when Russia seized the country’s Crimean peninsula.

Johnson also said the West were too slow to grasp what was really happening between Russia and Ukraine and collectively failed to impose the sanctions that they should have put on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the BBC, Johnson, who disclosed this to the Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday, vowed that the West would not repeat the same mistake this time, amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Johnson said, “We, who are your friends, must be humble about what happened in 2014 because Ukraine was invaded before for the first time when Crimea was taken from Ukraine and the war in the Donbas began.

“The truth is that we were too slow to grasp what was really happening and we collectively failed to impose the sanctions then that we should have put on Vladimir Putin.

“We cannot make the same mistake again.”

Recall that the war between Ukraine and Russia started in February this year.

Both nations have been fighting for more than two months since Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine due to some political differences.

As of today, many casualties have since been recorded as a result of the war.

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