War: Many dead after Russian missile strike in Desna – Zelensky laments


Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky has lamented that many were killed following a Russian missile strike in a village, Desna, in the Chernihiv region, north of Kyiv on Thursday.

Zelensky disclosed this in his nightly address on Thursday, according to CNN.

Desna is forty (40) miles from the border with Belarus.

“Russian strikes on Chernihiv region, in particular the terrible blow on the Desna, there is an analysis of debris, many dead,” Zelensky said.

“There are “constant strikes on the Odesa region, on the cities of central Ukraine, the Donbas is completely destroyed — all this has no and cannot have any military explanation for Russia.”

He added, “This is a deliberate and criminal attempt to kill as many Ukrainians as possible. Destroy as many houses, social facilities and enterprises as possible. This is what will qualify the genocide of the Ukrainian people and for which the occupiers will definitely be brought to justice.

“The first trial in Ukraine against a Russian war criminal has already begun. And it will end with the full restoration of justice within the international tribunal. I’m sure of it. We will find and bring to justice all those who give and carry out criminal orders.”

Russia and Ukraine have been fighting for close to three months.

Several casualties have already been recorded as a result of the conflict.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had in February this year, ordered the invasion of Ukraine due to some political differences.

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