War: We’ll respond harshly – Russia warns UK over latest ‘destructive’ action


Russia has issued a stern warning to the British government over its latest sanctions on Moscow.

The Russian foreign ministry summoned the British Ambassador to Moscow, Deborah Bronnert on Friday and laid her country’s offences before her.

Russia expressed dismay over the latest sanctions against the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

A statement from the Russian foreign ministry, according to CNN, said that the Ambassador was told about the unacceptability of such destructive actions.

Russia warned that the continuation of such actions will inevitably lead to the final destruction of bilateral ties and damage to relations between the two countries.

The ministry accused the United Kingdom of imposing sanctions against the Russian media just because they were covering and interpreting events taking place in the world.

According to Russia, these latest sections were not consistent with Western patterns and clearly confirms the duplicity and cynicism of British politicians.

Russia said that freedom of the media for British politicians “is nothing more than a tool for solving market problems.”

It further accused the UK and its officials of imposing sanctions and making statements with “threats” that are “interspersed with lies and outright rudeness” against Russia.

“The Russian side will continue to respond harshly and decisively to all sanctions initiated by London and take retaliatory measures,” the statement added.

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