Go back to Lagos – Akinlade, Adeola clash over Ogun West 2023 race


The deputy governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. Adekunle Akinlade in Ogun State has advised the Lagos West Senator, Olamilekan Adeola to drop his Ogun West senatorial ambition before it is too late.

Aknlade had recently described as insulting, the fact that the All Progressives Congress (APC) handed the Ogun West senatorial ticket to Adeola, at a time he is still representing Lagos West; saying he is on the ballot to stop him.

Reacting to Akinlade, Adeola asked the Ipokia indigene to explain why he changed his name from Taju to Abdulkabir, saying the PDP chieftain cannot visit the United Kingdom.

“I am presently in London, United Kingdom. I challenge Hon. Akinlade to pick up his international passport and travel to London to prove that he had no criminal record and investigation in London. If he does, I can bet he will not come back to contest any election in Nigeria as the UK security agency, MI5, will have him as a guest for a long while to explain his con activities in London. Arrest awaits him on arrival at the border of United Kingdom” Senator Adeola stated.

In his swift response, Akinlade described Adeola as a confused interloper, “who in his frustration after the emergence of the Ota High Chief, Oluwo Ganiu Dada as the PDP Ogun West Senatorial candidate threw all decency to the dogs and resulted to name calling and shameful lies.”

Akinlade, who prided himself as a true son of Ogun West extraction, said he only expressed his view that “our Ekiti brother’s attempt to buy his way into the Yewa linage was dead on arrival and an insult to their collective heritage as Ogun West indigenes.”

According to him, rather than react to his simple and unambiguous clarifications, Adeola chose to “resort to unfounded lies.”

Speaking on allegations that he changed his name to cover up, Akinlade said, “Well, unlike “Shawn Michael” and “Sulaiman”, Hon. Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade simply exercised his constitutional right and backed same with sworn Affidavits which was published in the national dailies.”

Sharing a picture, Akinlade said he was in the UK in March 2022 where he visited the Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Alh. Sarafa Tunji Isola at his official residence.

“For the records, Hon. Akinlade is a resident of the United Kingdom.

”That said, Senator Adeola Solomon’s outburst clearly proves that he lacks depth, the comportment to handle himself under pressure, and the intelligence to relate in a civil manner when the tide is against him, vis-à-vis his Senatorial ambition in Ogun West. Our candid advice is that it is not too late for him to count his losses and exit Ogun West because it will not be a tea party as claimed by those deceiving him.

“The struggle ahead in the next couple of months is clear, good against evil, truth against lies, uprightness against deceit. Hon. Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade obviously stands for good, truth and uprightness for his people,” Akinlade’s media, Adelani Azeez, said in a statement.

Adelani quoted Akinlade as saying he still believes that there is a good side of Sen. Adeola’s character, as he, in spite of the aspersion cast at his person, has the feeling that Adeola could not have authored the false claims being circulated by his aides.

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