2023: Abuja isn’t Abia, don’t come crying after elections – Adamu tells APC members


Abdullahi Adamu, the All Progressives Congress National Chairman, on Wednesday, told the party members that Abuja is not an Abia locality and no one should come to him crying after elections.

Adamu, who disclosed this while speaking with journalists after inaugurating an eight-member Abia Reconciliation Committee, urged party members to close ranks and work as a team to secure victory in the upcoming 2023 general elections.

He said, “We’ve to do some work and forget some of the prejudices and stand together.

“We don’t want anybody to come here after the elections and start crying and laying blame on us for our failures.

“I will not listen to that, this is the time to unite, this is the time to work for unity, if we do, God will be with us.”

He continued, “We aren’t going to hold reconciliation meetings again. We will now leave it to the leaders of the party in Abia to play their politics in the state.

“Abuja isn’t about Abia, go to Abia and play politics there, do the necessary lobbying and reconciliation there because all politics is local.

“Abuja isn’t Abia locality. Abuja is the Federal Capital Territory. We converged here from various states. Let Abia go and work together.”

Adamu added that the party wouldn’t be satisfied with just 25 percent of votes cast at the general elections.

“All the national elections, House of Representatives, Senate, Governorship, likely the presidential election, we’ll not be satisfied with just the 25 percent of votes cast.

“No halfway through it, if we’re to win, we must try to win every state,” Adamu stressed.

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