Insecurity: Impeachment threat against Buhari is real – Senator Bassey


The Senator representing Cross River Southern Senatorial District, Gershom Bassey has confirmed that the impeachment plot against President Muhammadu Buhari is real.

In an interview with journalists in Calabar yesterday, Bassey said, however, emphasis should not yet be on the impeachment, which is the second part of the notice to the President.

He said they want to impress on the President to act swiftly within six weeks, which is the first part of their threat.

“I think the media somehow has missed the point of our action. The point is to ensure safety and security in our country. It is not impeachment yet, but to ensure safety and security in Nigeria. That’s why we have given 6-week threshold within which we want the executive, particularly Mr President, to do something about security in our country.

“Our best hope is that the President will respond to what we are saying, to what we are doing. And at the end of six weeks, everything would have been sorted out.

“It is the part one that should be the focus, not so much part two. Part two happens when we fail to achieve part one.

“In other words, if there’s continued insecurity without the type of response that we expect within these weeks, then we move to part two, which is impeachment process proper, which is real.

“We are serious about the impeachment, but we will only get there if part one which is the actions against the situation in our country does not improve,” he disclosed.

The Senator, who lost out during the PDP gubernatorial primaries in the State, wondered why up till now victims of the Abuja-Kaduna train attack were still being held, whereas nobody had been arrested or held accountable for what happened in Kuje prison..

He bemoaned the fact that the President had been unable to take action to show that he’s in tandem with the people.

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