Anambra abolishes wearing of short skirts in schools


As schools set to resume on Tuesday, the Anambra State government says it has banned the wearing of short skirts by female students in schools.

The state commissioner for education, Prof. Ngozi Chuma-Udeh, said the ban is for both public and private schools in the state.

The commissioner, who met with education secretaries of public and mission schools at the weekend at the Anambra State Universal Basic Education Board (ASUBEB), described such a mode of dressing as morally wrong.

The Commissioner said, “A student should look smart, well-groomed, project positive vibes and not be indecently dressed for school.”

She condemned the wearing of mini-length uniforms to schools, stating that it was morally wrong and unacceptable to the standards desired for children of the State.

She said the acceptable length for uniforms in the State remained knee length and not above the knee as was fast becoming the fashion.

The Commissioner charged the education secretaries to ensure schools would comply with the directives and salvage the future of the students of the State.

She charged the participants to infuse the right morals and discipline in students so that they would grow to be of good behaviour and conduct.

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