EPL: Ex-referees’ boss, Hackett names who to blame for VAR, officiating problems


A former Premier League referees’ boss, Keith Hackett, has explained why the video assistant referee is causing so many problems in the English Premier League.

According to him, the referees are being ‘hung out to dry’ without leadership and guidance in the current regime.

Some decisions by match officials and the video assistant referees generated controversies during matches in the English Premier League this weekend.

Some of these errors were recorded during the games between Everton and Liverpool, Chelsea vs West Ham United, Aston Villa vs Manchester City and the Newcastle game against Crystal Palace.

The Professional Game Match Official Limited, PGMOL, has noted these errors and is understood to be cooperating with the Premier League management after it called for some of the incidents to be reviewed.

And Hackett, who is an ex-PGMOL general manager, criticised current incumbent Mike Reiley.

“We’re in our fourth season of VAR and we’re not operating it well,” Hackett said, according to talkSPORT.

“These officials don’t get to the Premier League without being good referees. In some ways they have been made to look foolish this weekend by what has happened. They must feel that they’ve been let down.

“They have been hung out to dry because there’s no leadership. There’s no guidance, there’s no coaching.

“That ultimately has to come down to the person running the organisation [Riley]. The interaction between the referee and the VAR is suspect.

“One of the reasons for that is you’ve got current referees who might referee on a Saturday suddenly becoming a VAR on a Sunday. I don’t think that’s conducive to good officiating.”

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