Ukraine invasion: It’s impossible to isolate Russia amid sanctions from West – Putin

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on Wednesday, insisted that it is impossible to isolate Russia amid the unprecedented Western sanctions his country faces over its military operation in Ukraine.

Putin also hailed the growing role of the Asia-Pacific region in global affairs.

“No matter how much someone would like to isolate Russia, it’s impossible to do this,” Putin told the Eastern Economic Forum in Russia’s Pacific port city of Vladivostok.

“I mean the sanctions fever in the West, its undisguised aggressive attempts to impose behaviour patterns on other countries, deprive them of their sovereignty and subordinate them to their will,” he said.

The likes of Washington and Brussels have pummeled Russia with a barrage of economic and personal sanctions after Putin sent the Russian military into Ukraine on February 24.

Facing growing isolation and deteriorating relationship with the West, Russia is seeking to pivot the country toward the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

“The role of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region has significantly increased,” Putin said.

Putin added that partnerships in the region “will create colossal new opportunities for our people”.

Russia and Ukraine have been fighting for more than six months and many casualties have already been recorded as a result of the conflict.


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