2023: North 100 percent behind Tinubu – Buhari’s ally, Kwamanda


A strong political ally of President Muhammadu Buhari and the Coordinator of the Arewa Media Organization, AbdulMajid Danbilki Kwamanda has said that with the overwhelming acceptance of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Presidential candidate, Ahmad Bola Tunubu in the North, he will win the election.

Kwamanda, who has been a member of The Buhari Organization, TBO, since its formation in 2000, and has stood behind President Muhammadu Buhari in all his political undertakings, said the APC Presidential Candidate’s acceptance in the North is real not imaginary.

He said, “the Northern Nigeria of today, the South-South, the South-East and the South-West of the present day Nigeria are not that stupid to quickly forget that the PDP Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, literally ruled the country from 1999 to 2007, without anything tangible to show for it.”

He said Tinubu possesses the great qualities of making Nigeria great again.

“You can see that the hands of Bola Tinubu in Lagos are still visible where he single-handedly turned around its economic values, making it the economic hub of West Africa.

“Just, yesterday, Lagos is telling the whole world that they have generated over 700 Billion Naira as Internal Revenue in 2021. How did they make this magic if not for Bola Tinubu?

Kwamanda, who is the Coordinator of the Arewa Media Organization, said he has already traversed Northern Nigeria and was convinced that the region is hundred percent behind Tinubu.

“The North’s simple analogy in believing in Bola Tinubu Presidency than any other Person is because they believe and know that after what President Muhammadu Buhari did on security by solving about 70 percent, Tinubu would immediately complete the remaining 30 percent,” he said

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