Atiku lied, didn’t hold meeting with US State Department – Afegbua


A former Edo State Commissioner for Information, Kassim Afegbua has said that contrary to media reports, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar did not hold any crucial meeting with the critical stakeholders of the United States State Department.

Afegbua in a statement issued Sunday claimed that “this level of dubiety, desperation, boldness, wildness and audacity was unbecoming, to say the least.”

He said, “Some even said that Alhaji Atiku actually travelled under the cover of Governor Aminu Tambuwal’s Diplomatic entourage – what reduction and debasement! Entering into the US under this guise vitiates the headlines we see here on his trip.”

Afegbua stated categorically that Atiku travelled to the United States on negotiated entry, just like he did in 2019.

He said the pictures on display are of members of Atiku’s entourage who left Nigeria to the United States to gallivant.

Afegbua stated: “In deliberate effort to impress his supporters and followers, Atiku Abubakar and his musketeers have again travelled to the US on negotiated entry just like in 2019. This time, he was seen with his musketeers parading empty corridors in photo-ops to impress us back home.”

He alleged that the truth of the matter was that Atiku still has questions to answer because he has not been discharged and acquitted of his corruption allegations that border on money laundering in the US.

Afegbua emphasised, ” In 2019, he was granted negotiated entry, just like now; this is his leave to create the impression that all was well.

“Was he indeed barred from entry before now? What were the factors or reasons for his initial ban? Have those issues been addressed? Has he been discharged and acquitted of those allegations? Why this so-called celebration if there are no undertones?”

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