Debts: Nigeria would have been sold if it was a company – Imumolen


The presidential candidate of Accord Party (AP), Prof Chris Imumolen said if Nigeria was a company, it would have been sold along with its entities to pay its debts.

Decrying that over 100 percent of the country’s revenue is being used to service debts, the flagbearer said the next president would face the toughest job ever.

Addressing supporters in Abuja, Imumolen noted that President Muhammadu Buhari’s successor should be someone who has the passion to rescue Nigeria.

“If Nigeria was a company, the option would have been to declare a bankruptcy or to sell the company and its entities to pay the whole debt”, he said.

He insists that the incoming president in 2023 should not be elected on tribal or religious considerations but on the capacity to perform.

Imumolen told the gathering he is passionate about the country and has brought value even before joining politics.

“When I say I have imparted so much on education, people doubt it. I don’t think in the history of this country, there has been any man who has imparted in education as much as Prof. Chris.

“You can go and research it. You may not know about it because I have not been making too much noise about it, I have been doing it as a result of passion and value.

“There is no state in Nigeria — in Kaduna, in Kano, in Zamfara, in Yobe, that I don’t have students up to a thousand in my scholarship board.”

The candidate said at least 5,000 persons in each state have benefitted from his scholarship scheme.

Prof Imumolen added that time has come for Nigeria to produce leaders that will add value and treat the people with respect.

The AP standard bearer called for the support of all cirizens to help him become president in 2023.

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