Lagos: Police probe officers for extorting N100,000 from youth tagged ‘Yahoo boy’


The police in Lagos have commenced a probe of six policemen for extorting N100,000 from a young man.

The youth, Oluwagbadura, alerted the public of his ordeal in a thread on Twitter.

He said around 2:45 p.m. on Thursday, the officers stopped him at Soliki in Aguda and searched him.

At about 3:44 p.m., they escorted him to a POS, where he withdrew N100,000 to regain his freedom.

“After the search and not finding anything on me, they proceeded to seize my phone and company laptop and tagged me a yahoo boy.”

The complainant recalled that the policemen told him his crime was not having an ID card.

“They searched my phone. They called me a criminal for chatting with my friends on WhatsApp.

“They threatened to shoot and lock me up! Next, they took me to their station, then forced me to admit to being a criminal.”

When Oluwagbadura refused to admit to committing any crime, the officers asked him to write a statement and sign papers to bail himself.

“I transferred N100,000 to the POS vendor, and then paid N2,000 for charges”, he added.

The youth, who attached screenshots, narrated how one of the officers threatened to deal with him in a cell and nothing would happen.

Hours after his tweet went viral, Oluwagbadura gave an update around 10:30 pm.

“First, thanks to everyone who contributed a tweet. I got my money back completely.”

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