Zamfara ADC will not merge with any party, ready for 2023 – Hashim


The Zamfara State chapter of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) has assured that formidable strategies have been put in place to ensure that it does not go to the 2023 general elections unprepared.

This was disclosed to newsmen in Gusau, the State capital by the governorship candidate of the party, Dr. Ahmad Hashim, who said the party also signed a peace accord with other political parties in the state.

The party’s flag bearer said its leaders in Zamfara were making all necessary consultations to ensure a landslide victory in the general elections.

“People are looking at the party as a powerless political party in the State, but I want to tell you that we are equal to the task”, he added.

“The leadership of the party had decided that the party will not go into a merger with any political party. We are fully prepared to go into the contest”

He stated that the party’s leadership has noticed that the State has lost to the tide of one-sided and domineering leadership, pointing out that a change has become very imperative.

Dr. Hashim said a lot of people in Zamfara State have been troubled with a haunting fear that if they allow the current insecurity and socioeconomic hardships to remain like that or allow the old brigades to continue, things will continue to go wrong.

According to him, the people should join forces to overcome the irksome problems of insecurity, high cost of living, and many other negative factors, saying that critical questions need to be asked.

“But only the electorates can ultimately define their own true needs. And they can do so when they revolt against the irrespective leaders through the ballot box”

He stated that the tenacious hold on the properties and resources of Zamfara State by a clique is not only primitive but simply a lust for the stricken concept of democracy and transparency substituted for the empty meaning of influence and authority not suitable for the new age.

Hashim lamented that the state must be rescued from the hands of all the cabals and give the mandate to a motivator whose interest will be to reposition the state so that it can restore its lost glory.

“Apart from banditry activities in the state, commerce has totally gone down and everything is moving with the lowest ebbs and the ruling APC continues to treat these teething issues with a mere wave of the hand”

He challenged the ruling APC government to showcase the progress it has made to salvage the state from its constant predicaments, saying that ADC will transform Zamfara from its backwardness to modernity against the contemporary feudal system in place if voted in.

“I want to assure Zamfara State residents that ADC is not afraid of either the ruling APC or the opposition PDP because both of them have failed “

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