2023 about Nigerians’ survival – Mr Macaroni’s Aso Rock tweet sparks reactions


Following comedian Mr Macaroni’s tweet about Aso Rock, Nigerians on social media have kicked-off campaigns as they described the coming 2023 general election as Nigerians’ survival.

Mr Macaroni had in a post on Twitter, drawn people’s attention to the realities of life between Nigerian politicians and citizens as President Muhammadu Buhari flew out of the country for medical checkup.

In his highlight, Mr Macaroni urged Nigerians to vote wisely.

He wrote, “No matter how hungry the people are, there is always food in Aso Rock. No Matter how sick the people get, our politicians can jet out to London for treatment. No matter the level of insecurity the people face, The Politicians are well protected. Vote Wisely.”

Reacting to this, Nigerians fumed as they started a vote wisely campaign.

@Truthfinde: “Macaroni Increase the volume. Let the educated one hear and tell the uneducated fellow 2023 is not about religion or Tribe it’s about Nigerians survival Vote wisely, Vote Peter Obi.”

@Cythy4me: “We must get it right this time.”

@tybabe_gmail: “Please vote wisely, it’s sad when people cannot even afford two square meal’s. Please let’s make a difference this time.”

@Dankingdomcom1: “No be lie bro, they have all secured the future for them and there families. No care about we the poor masses.”

@braindan8: “Meaning If the things that affects us affects them, don’t you think they would have tried( at least) to make it better for us all, Vote wisely.”

@EddyEmm40339726: “But wait oo it still amaze me people are still campaigning for the same people that put them in suffering this thing na juju no be clear eye.”

@humanfactorz: “It is a sign of failure for a president of Nigeria to be traveling to a different country for medical treatment, what happened to the hospitals in Nigeria? Every Nigerian should get their PVC and vote out APC.”

@De_singapore: “Why is it that whenever anyone talk about voting wisely? APC and PDP will think you are speaking against them.”

@Solofrancisbes2: “A New Nigeria is possible with Peter obi labour party, vote wisely.”

@Chairmanze: “Whenever we hear ‘vote wisely’ we know wisely is @PeterObi.”

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