EPL: Moreno slams Ronaldo over recent comments Man Utd, Ten Hag


Former LA Galaxy forward, Alejandro Moreno, has slammed forward Cristiano Ronaldo for his recent comments on Manchester United and their manager Erik ten Hag.

Moreno said Ronaldo spoke against Man United and Ten Hag to get himself over with the fans and to stay in the limelight.

Ronaldo recently did an exclusive interview with British veteran journalist Piers Morgan and hit out at Manchester United and Ten Hag.

The Portugal captain said Man United have betrayed him and that he does not respect Ten Hag.

Speaking on the development, Moreno told ESPN FC, Moreno claimed that Ronaldo did the interview in order to keep himself in the headlines, adding that the 37-year-old was not talking out of love for Man United:

Moreno said, “Ronaldo knows himself that he’s no longer the player that he once was, the evidence now is in front of him, not because he’s not out there playing, but because he’s not out there playing and that team is winning without him. So, therefore, that is the real dagger.

“That is the one that truly hurts, the fact that the team looks better without him on the field. And that in itself is going to create this feeling of, well, now I have to speak out because I know my time is coming to an end.”

“And this has nothing to do with the love for the club. This has everything to do with the love for Cristiano Ronaldo and his taking care of himself. We just talk about the idea of players protecting themselves. This is exactly what he’s doing.

“I’m going to get my side of the story out there because I don’t want anybody to control it for me, I’m going to control it, and I’m going to say what I need to say because I’m Cristiano Ronaldo and I deserve that much.”

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