What transpires between Nollywood’s Toyin Abraham, TikTok lady pregnant for her husband


Famous Nigerian actress and filmmaker Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi has contacted the TikTok user Ariyo Bades, who claimed to be pregnant with her husband, actor Kolawole Ajeyemi.

This is coming one week after Ariyo Bades, who claimed to be the first wife of Ajeyemi, called Toyin Abraham out on social media for snatching her husband.

The lady also accused the actress’s husband of impregnating and abandoning her four years ago.

Reacting to the allegation, Toyin, in a post on Instagram a few days ago, said, ”As I grow older, I learn to be private with my life. Unnecessary noise starts to irritate my soul.”

However, in a surprising new twist, Ariyo on Tuesday, in a video shared on Instagram apologised to the actress and her husband, saying the video was a mere prank and the accusation false.

Responding to the apology, Toyin posted the screenshot of her conversation with Ariyo, on her Twitter story.

Ariyo in the post was seen thanking Toyin for forgiving her.

“Wow thank you so much for accepting my apology. God will continue to bless you and your family. It’s just a way to survive. That’s why I used you for the concept because all over the world you are adorable, loving, and cherished by millions of people. Your glory stars will forever shine and God sees my heart that I really love you in person. You are a good example to the world about your family so much love ma.”

Toyin replied with love emojis.

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