Christmas: Rev Hayab felicitates with Nigerians


The Kaduna State chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has called on Nigerians to have a deeper reflection on Christmas, the birth of Christ, as the ultimate gift ever given in the existence of the world for its salvation.

In a Christmas message to Nigerians, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, said, “It is a symbolic gift that aims at exemplifying to us believers the importance of giving and the fact that there is absolutely no limit or boundaries to giving.”

He said the major theme of Christmas is selfless giving, which is why Christ was given and enjoined Nigerians to make selfless giving for the entire country’s development.

He added that Nigeria at the moment needed the Christ-like sacrifice for every Nigerian for the best to come of the country and for it to compete favourably with other countries, saying that the country has all that is needed to be the pacesetter in every sphere of life.

Rev. Hayab, who is the Country Director, of Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, further explained that Christ was gifted effortlessly to the womb that conceived him, adding that when he came, he was birthed in an inn that was not paid for, freely did the wise men from the East embark on the journey to the place of the blessed birth, for nothing but to give him gifts, royal, priestly and prophetic gifts. “Nigerians should also learn to give from their hearts to make Nigeria a better place for humanity to live in and its overall development,” he added.

He explained, “Even during His ministry, He feed people from bread and fish gotten freely, and he ended his life as a free gift for the salvation of mankind. Indeed it will not be far fetched to say, “giving is the reason for the season, pointing out, “Our nation Nigeria today is dealing with the toughest of all times, things seem to be moving in regression, we do not seem to be growing as a nation, daily people die out of starvation, ill-health, poverty to mention but these. The fact is that our nation Nigeria is in dare need of kind hearted citizens who are willing to give there all for the survival of the nation and people.”

According to him, there is no better time when this nation ever needed the show of kindness than this material time, saying that as Christ selflessly gave himself, so also Nigerians are called to selfless sacrifice to those in need of unity, peace and development of the country, believing that it is the only way the country will overcome every challenge it is going through at the moment.

Hayab noted that as leaders during this season, Nigerians must continually teach their people the importance of giving not only within this season but as long as they live on earth, saying that the act of giving is not only for the old or young, rich or poor, mighty or lowly, no, as long as people are alive, they have what someone needs to gain hope again as someone needs a meal, a kind word, a hug, a smile, a little amount of money to have hope in life again.

This season, according to him, calls on Nigerians to attend to the needs of others.

“We are not blessed by the amount that we give; we are blessed by the quality of our gift, a gift should be given in love with the sole purpose of meeting the needs of others. This is an attitude parents should teach there children from their childhood; as scripture says, when we train a child, he will grow and not depart from the right path. This is a call to action not words, parents should provide for their children and guide them to picking what have been provided for them to give other people around them that are in need,” he added.

Rev. Hayab explained that there are many children out there that need just the fragments of the old tattered toy that children of the rich no longer need; some need those clothes that some children can no longer wear; parents should be seen at the season, and beyond guiding their children to picking these things and gifting other children within their reach, churches, societies, associations and individuals should be seen at this season meeting the needs of others, true love should be seen around, kindness should be felt in each street, neighbourhood, village, town, city, and anywhere souls breathe.

He called on Nigerians that as they celebrate the season, may heavens be kind to them, may God protect Nigerians all and may he grant them the grace to be able to live up to their expectations in this season that, in the end, the name of the Lord alone will be glorified, stressing that Nigerians should not forget not to let this season pass by without them giving something to someone in need and make Christ always live in them by keeping the virtue of giving even after the yuletide season.

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