Pastor explains why he staged his kidnap


Pastor Albarka Bitrus, the Jos-based cleric who staged his kidnapping and collected ransom from church members, has revealed the reason for his action.

The police explained that Bitrus was apprehended on Wednesday following a “vigorous investigation”.

The police observed that the pastor, of ECWA Church Jos, had on several occasions staged his kidnapping and collected ransom, in collaboration with a gang to commit the crime in order to get his money.

While speaking at the headquarters of the command, the pastor explained that financial challenges made him to stage his kidnapping.

He, however, said he regretted his action.

He confessed, “I put myself into these activities because of the financial challenges I am facing. When I did the first one, I felt guilty. When I went out, the money with me got finished. I was thinking of coming back. I was just confused. That is why I did the second one. I am regretting my action.”

He further explained that he burnt the vehicle of his senior pastor because he was guilty of what he did, adding that he was confused and did not know what came over of him.

He, however, confessed of what he did, saying, “I am sorry for what I have done. I am really sorry.”

The police explained that the suspect collected the sum of N400,000 on November 14, 2022 and on November 30, he staged another kidnapping of himself and collected the sum of N200,000 from his sympathizers, who are members of his church.

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