There’ll be massive protest calling for president’s impeachment – Primate Ayodele issues warnings


The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has issued a set of warnings to African countries that include Burkina Faso, Chad, Niger, South Africa, DR Congo, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan and Senegal.

Primate Ayodele revealed South Africa would witness a massive protest calling for the president’s removal.

In Burkina Faso, Primate Ayodele urged the nation to pray against attacks on the government and political instability while calling on Chad to be careful of the crisis that will surround the transition to democracy.

In Niger, Ayodele urged the country to pray against confusion and terrorists creating problems. He also warned them against bomb attacks.

For South Africa, Primate Ayodele noted that the president would face a major massive protest calling for his removal from office. He asked the nation to pray against the death of influential people.

In Sierra Leone, Primate Ayodele warned President Julius Maada Bio to pray against a political surge that will shake his government. He urged him to strategize well because his opposition, Samura Kamara, is planning to do all that is needed to win the election.

A statement by Ayodele’s spokesman, Oluwatosin Osho, reads, “Burkina Faso: the country needs prayers against attack on their government and political instability. They need to pray against unexpected international challenges because the country will experience instability of leadership.

“Chad: The country needs more prayers so that terrorists will not fight government forces. The country needs prayers. The country will seek for international support and there will be a smooth transition, but the economy will be in crisis. The opposition will go against the continuation of the present Junta.

“Niger: they must pray well so the country will not be confused. I see terrorists fighting and creating problems in the country. Apart from these, they must pray against Bomb attacks.

“South Africa: the president will face a major mass protest that needs a lot of prayers. They should pray against the death of a top politician, a judge and a musician. The government will experience a tough mass protest that will be calling for the removal of the president. They must pray against epidemics of disease and flooding that will kill people. The military must pray against attacks.

“DR Congo: the country must be careful so they won’t lose their soldiers. They must be careful against incessant attacks. They need prayers for stability, economic balance, and natural disasters that will destroy farm crops, lives and properties.
Botswana: the country must pray for peace so they won’t experience confusion and economic troubles

“Sierra Leone: The president needs to strategize properly for the coming election because the opposition wants to compete with him. He must be careful so he won’t see a political surge that will shake his government. He needs to strategize because Samura Kamara is planning to do all it takes to win. He must work well in the northern and central part of the country. He must pray against economic difficulties and hardship. Some people will initiate a protest, they should be careful against unrest.

“Somalia: there will be a deadly attack in Somalia between July and September that will shock the government.

“Sudan: despite the efforts of the present head of the junta, politicians will not want him and this will bring a crisis in the country till they ask him to leave. The junta will not transition to democracy, there will be a new government but there will be so much crisis before they get to that point. They should pray against flooding and there will be an ethnic crisis.

“Senegal: the president should intensify his campaigns because opposition will rise up against him. He should restrategize his formula in order to have an edge. He will want to do a constitutional amendment which will create antagonists for him. There will be division in the house because of him. There will be rowdiness in the house because of his policies.”

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