Man electrocuted by transformer in Abia


A young electrician, simply identified as Allison, was electrocuted at Obingwa, Abia State, while trying to connect electricity from a power transformer.

Allison, who was said to be a popular electrician, was seen dangling lifeless from a transformer cable with his hands hooked to wires and his legs on a ladder. He was without a safety kit.

Villagers who knew the victim said he lost his wife recently and was yet to conduct her burial before his tragic death.

It was not known if the electrician was contracted by a consumer to work on a faulty line or not when he met his untimely death.

When contacted, a senior official of Geometrics Power Ltd, Aba, said they did not lose any staff to electrocution. The official suggested that the victim was on an illicit mission when he met his death.

He advised individuals against tampering with power installations in Abia State and should instead report any fault in their electric lines officially to the right quarters for rectification.

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