Ocean surge ravages Ayetoro community in Ondo, residents cry for help


Following the Atlantic Ocean surge which wreaked havoc on Ayetoro community in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State, residents have started evacuating from the coastal town.

A large number of people in the community were left homeless by the ocean surge, which caused chaos in the area and damaged houses worth millions of naira.

The surge also claimed more than half of the community’s land.

The Secretary of the Ayetoro Youths Congress, Emmanuel Aralu, claimed in a statement that the latest surge affected more than 200 homes and resulted in the eviction of lots of residents.

He also claimed that hundreds of homes and structures, including schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings, have been devastated.

He added that the recent disaster had left many landlords homeless while many community members had moved to nearby villages.

He said attempts to get the state and federal government’s attention on the yearly surge had been futile and that “government has abandoned the community at the mercy of ecological disasters.”

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