Fans cause of disputes among artists – Skiibii


Popular Nigerian musician Abbey Elias, well known as Skiibii Mayana has claimed that fans are the major reasons artists fight in the music industry.

Speaking in an interview with HipTV on Wednesday, Skiibii explained that supporters often incite artists against one another based on speculations, thereby causing conflict.

The 30-year-old singer also advised his colleagues in the industry to always let love lead.

He said: “I feel like most times the problem is from the fans. They will just come together to say something like Michael Jackson is better than Tupac.

“Tupac will go and carry a gun saying ‘They said you are better than me. So from there, they both start looking at each other differently.

“But as for me, I don’t think it’s needed, please. Let’s just let love lead all the time. That’s what I preach. Let the fans do their own thing but make sure that you and your brotherman are good.”

On his style of music, Skiibii said he is a diverse musician.

“It’s important to be versatile because it gives you longevity. Your music doesn’t get boring because you’re feeding every angle.

“It’s what I can do, that’s my magic and I feel like that’s an advantage,” the singer said

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