IMC confirms payment of participation fee to NPL clubs


The Interim Management Committee (IMC) has confirmed the payment of participation fees to all the clubs that participated in the 2022–23 Nigeria Premier League season.

IMC Head of Operations, Davidson Owumi, disclosed this to journalists in Abuja.

Owumi said the N200 million startup grant was shared equally among the 10 teams to reduce strain at the commencement of the 2022–23 NPL season, stating that the committee is focused on the turnaround of the league.

He said: “For the avoidance of doubt, the IMC disbursed the sum of N200m at N10m each to the clubs in January after the ceremonial presentation and before the season commenced.

“The N200 million shared equally by the clubs represented a start-up grant considering the strain on the clubs to commence the season in January when most states were just getting their budgets passed.

“We are focused on achieving a complete turnaround of the league. We will not be distracted by the activities of those who are bent on dragging the league back from the recent progress we made.”

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