Guinness World Records disowns man who got blind during cry-a-thon


Guinness World Record, GWR, has dissociated itself from attempts by a Nigerian, Tembu Ebere to cry for 100 hours.

Ebere had experienced temporal blindness from his attempt at the longest-crying individual world record.

Saga Gist had reported that Ebere confirmed his health status in an interview with the BBC.

Ebere said he began experiencing severe headaches, puffy eyes, and a swollen face from the constant crying before going temporarily blind for 45 minutes.

But in reaction, the Guinness World Record, GWR, disassociated itself from such a record.

In a tweet on Thursday, GWR stressed that they did not approve the attempt and would not be able to monitor such a record.

“Just to quell some recent rumours, we wouldn’t ever monitor a record for the longest marathon crying. Here’s what can be monitored by our team”, the body wrote.

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