It’s my calling to help young artists – Don Jazzy


Renowned Nigerian music executive and talent developer, Michael Collins Ajereh, aka Don Jazzy, has revealed that he is destined to be a star maker.

The Mavin head honcho said he has a divine mandate to help people generally.

He disclosed this in a podcast interview with Fisayo Fosudo.

Don Jazzy said, “My priorities have changed over the years. I basically started as a musician but along the line, I started doing different things. Finding growing young artists into global superstars and things like that.

“But then I wouldn’t want to restrict it to that at the moment. At the moment, I feel like I’m just building the [Nigerian music] ecosystem in general. Leveraging on the huge brand that I had built to just impact people’s lives.

“I feel like it’s my calling to help people grow. I have a strong conviction that I know how to work with people.

“In our early stage when we started [as musicians], we were kind of lost for a while before we got our balance. So, if I see young artists now, I’m like, ‘if this person doesn’t have like guidance before they get to a certain level, they might just be lost as well. It would be nice if we could speed up the process. It would be nice if somebody that has been down the road before… You know where the potholes dey dey, you can just tell the person say, I don pass this road before. Avoid this road, follow here.’

“Follow who know road, follow who know road.’ If the person that has gone there before and knows the road, doe not want to show somebody the road, you can not be following for no reason. So, I feel like anybody that has any update about how to survive, should share the update.”

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