Man’s decomposed body found in apartment days after death


A man in his late 30s, simply identified as David, has been found dead in his room.

David, who lived on Abasi Okure Street near the popular Mbukpa Street Calabar, was reported to have died five days before his body was found.

Neighbours discovered his body Thursday morning when the stench from his apartment became unbearable.

“There’s nobody in this neighbourhood who does not know that David was a ‘wife’ to two other men. Often he liked to dress in women’s outfits and acted like a woman”, a neighbour, Cecilia Esu volunteered.

Another neighbour who gave his name as Etim Akpan said they had to alert the police who responded swiftly.

“Other neighbours who could not withstand the terrible odour from the decomposed body, took to their heels believing that the police would arrest anybody in sight when they arrive.

“We learnt that he locked himself inside his parents’ apartment since five days ago. He’s been sick.”

Youth leader, Mr. Offiong Inameti, blamed the sibling and parents for not alerting them when he died and before the body decomposed.

Inameti led the collection of voluntary donations from bystanders and neighbours to support the parents whom he said were unable to afford the expenses to evacuate the body for burial.

He said he had to dissuade the police from making arrests, saying no neighbour was responsible.

Meanwhile, the body was evacuated and wrapped in nylons and taken for burial.

Policemen from the Mbukpa Division, who refused to speak, monitored the evacuation.

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