‘School was not my thing’ – David Alaba’s sister, Rose May opens up


Rose May, an Austrian-Nigerian singer and sister of Real Madrid player, David Alaba, has revealed that she wasn’t passionate about school while growing up.

She said ”school was not her thing.”

May in a recent interview with Joy Prime TV in Accra, Ghana, said she never dreamt of chasing any profession other than music.

Rose May said, “I never wanted to be a nurse or a doctor or something. School wasn’t my thing to be honest.

“I always try to be super creative in everything that I do. I always have a say when it comes to my music videos. I always have a say when it comes to my fashion sense and everything. So, I’m more like a creative person than an office kind of vibe. And I think, it’s not my thing.”

The singer revealed she benefitted a lot from her dad, George Alaba, a veteran musician.

While describing her elder brother, David Alaba as a “living legend,” May said, “I have a brother who is a well-known footballer, David Alaba. I always call him a living legend, to be honest. It’s probably because I’m his sister and I’m super proud of him.

“But he is actually a living legend because he has done so much at such as young age. Yeah, my brother is the GOAT!”

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