Give us a widely accepted candidate as next Alaafin just like you did in Ogbomosho - Royal family begs Makinde

Some concerned members of the Ladigbolu royal lineage of Agunloye's family in Oyo town, have appealed to Governor Oluseyi Makinde to use the same wisdom he applied while picking the new Soun of Ogbomoso in selecting who would be the next Alaafin

The group, in a statement signed by its coordinator, Lekan Salman Ladigbolu,  also called for a resolution so that a younger person from the lineage would be presented to the kingmakers.

The group refuted the claims flying around that the family has anointed a candidate among those aspiring for the position of Alaafin of Oyo.

Eight members of the Ladigbolu family including Prince Hakeem Abiodun Adeyanju Ayinde ladigbolu, Olaide Ladigbolu, Adewale Aderemi Ladigbolu, Akeem Aderibigbe Adigun Ladigbolu, Lukman Alabi Olugbenga Ladigbolu, Ayobami Ladigbolu, Kolade Sani Ladigbolu are vying for the throne of Alaafin.

The youth also cautioned those aspiring to be Alaafin not to allow “their personal ego and selfish interest create a crack in the family”. 

The group’s coordinator noted that all aspirants from the family are eminently qualified but  'we will appreciate it better if the aged ones among them can step down and play advisory roles to the younger ones in the race.

The statement added, "Oyo needs an Alaafin that will be an influential member of the society with a highly wired network and intelligence so that the historical community can enjoy rapid transformation in terms of infrastructural and  economic development.” 

Here are the list of 51 people who can become the next Alaafin; 

1. Abdul Rashidi Adewale GBADEGESIN

2. Dr. Abidoye GBADEGESIN

3. Abdrasak Adegoke GBADEGESIN

4. Kabiru Adebayo GBADEGESIN

5. Isiak Olatunde GBADEGESIN

6. Basiru Adeniyi GBADEGESIN

7. Monjeed Abiola GBADEGESIN

8. Lukman Adelodun Ayinla  GBADEGESIN

9. Babajide Aderoju GBADEGESIN

10. Abdmonjeed Adekunle GBADEGESIN


11. Ajibade Adebayo ADELADAN

12. Tella Biliaminu KOLAWOLE

13. Tiani Hammed ADEBAYO

14. Salami Saheed BABATUNDE

15. Ladigbolu Adewale ADEREMI

16. Adekunle Mutahir ADEGBOYE

17. Alh. Tesleem Oriade LADIGBOLU

18. Adekunle Kamal ADEYEMI

19. Adebisi Jeleel ADENIYI


20. Oluokun Kasali AGUNLOYE

21. Adekunle Gafar ADEBAYO

22. Tella Meroof ADENIYI

23. Owoade Wahab Folorunso ADEREMI

24. Adewusi Mukaila OLANREWAJU

25. Olaide Dauda OLADIMEJI

26. Tella Adeniyi KAREEM

27. Agunloye Adelayo ADEREMI

28. Aderogba Idowu AGUNLOYE

29. Morounranti Hakeem ALAYOAYO

30. Gbadegesin Taofeek AGUNLOYE

31. Remilekun Enitan ADENIYA

32. Razak ALAYOAYO

33. Akinade Abdul Rahman ALAYOAYO


34. Prince Hakeem Abiodun Adeyanju Ayinde ladigbolu

35. Lukman Alabi Olugbenga Ladigbolu

36. Ayobami Adewumi Sanda Ladigbolu

37. Amidu Abiodun Ladigbolu

38. Muideen Adekunle Ladigbolu

39. Kolade Tunde Saani Ladigbolu

40. Adegboyega Ibrahim Ladigbolu

41. Abdulquadri Opeyemi Ladigbolu

42. Ismaila Aderemi Belawu Adekunle Ladigbolu

43. Adebimpe Wasiu Abiodun Ladigbolu

44. Taofeek Adewumi Ladigbolu

45. Rasaki Kamorudeen Osuolale Ladigbolu

46. Archbishop Prince Lawrence Sanda Ayo Ladigbolu


47. Owoade Hakeem Babatunde Adetunji

48. Owoade Ibrahim Abiodun Olayiwola

49. Lukman Owoade

50. Abideen Ladigbolu.

51. Hakeem Aderibigbe Ladigbolu.

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Anonymous said…
Only Oyomesi has the full authority to present the names of aspirants for Alaafin throne for IFA consultation, and only IFA Oracle consultation can give a divine direction on the selection of the best person to be Alaafin of Oyo, considering the position of Alaafin as the political head of the Yoruba, getting to hear that Oyomesi is currently insisting on IFA Oracle consultation is highly commendable.
Anonymous said…
This news is absurd, and is capable of confusing the general public. Enlisting the candidates name should be done by the Oyomesi. Not royal homes. Only Oyomesi have the right to do the listing .
And only ifa oracle has the right to be consulted in choosing the next Alaafin and not the governor.

And I believe that is exactly what is going on in Oyo right now. Let all hands be on deck while we await the outcome of the oyomesi's consultation

I come in peace.